“Traces and Reflections" Virtual  Exhibition

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Av. Pacaembu, 1849

 Pacaembu, São Paulo - SP, Brasil

CEP: 01234-001

The exhibition Traces and Reflections that  was with date marked for the march 20th, though mounted to receive guests, it had the canceled Opening, because of pandemic of corona virus, which it has been affecting in the dramatic form to the community in an all, and, which has not a date predicted for realization.


Traces and Reflections it was inspired  by artists who survive in his daily life the theme of drawings you conquer, creativity, the human being and the urbane life, sceneries who compose part of the line of the time what the artist permeates amid his work, with works based on different reflections and great art. The event predicted for reinauguration of the Showroom Pacaembu 1849`s Mattresses Ortobom, directed by Diogo Roque, was produced and promoted by orld Art Show,, and with the special curatorship - Chico Cortez..

The Exhibition celebrate one more year of success of the artists who compose the  project  of insertion of names in the cultural market for the World Art Show, directed by the journalist Sula Costa.

Artists: Cristina Pires Furtado, Dilson Cavalcanti, Maria Cristina Zilli, Mariah Campolina, 
Paulo Latarullo, Pedrita Mikail, Regiane Martinez, Teresa Kodama, Valques Pimenta

Exhibition: Traces and Reflection 
Realization: Diogo Roque 
Production: World Art Show – Sula Costa

Curatorship: Chico Cortez

World Art Show Iis the new art space at São Paulo - SP.

Our aim is to be a reference point of opportunity to support Brazilian artists in promoting the encounter of people, culture and the arts. We are inspired by the same force that moves the artistic universe: the idea that it is possible to tread its own path. Come be part of this universe you too!

World Art Art Show is a gift for those interested in art, consumers and lovers of this universe. Our space is open to meet artists, learn in addition to buying and collecting works.


World Art Show optimizes beyond its fixed collection, temporary exhibitions, auctions, courses, workshops and other events.

We want to unite experiences and bring the public closer to the plastic arts for those who still have access to it.


We want to encourage collectors and produce cultural knowledge. The space for contemplation of art, but above all, the appreciation of Brazilian culture. Our intention is to introduce young people to this market. We want to show that it is possible to be a part.


With a collection of national and international works, partnerships established the global artistic market, of varied styles and eras, World Art Show is a space where you can unite, fashion, culture, leisure and broaden your horizons.

With the emergence of news collectors, the incentive do that our company meets with professionalism and safety experienced buyers.


Count on our consulting experience for advise you with your investments.

  • Art Work, Engravings and Sculptures.

  • Expert advice.

  • Auctions

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  • Exhibition Agencies at Brasil , EUA , Europa

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+55 11 98132-2544


Av. Pacaembu, 1849

Pacaembu, São Paulo - SP, Brasil

CEP: 01234-001

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Dilson Cavalcanti

Monalisas Brasileiras - Cora Coralina MIXED DIGITAL PRINTING 0,80 x 0,70 cm DIPTICO FANTASY ACRÍLICA SOBRE TELA 0,90 x 1,20 cm