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Fine Art  Siron Franco


Gessiron Alves Franco, better known as Siron Franco, (Goiás, July 25, 1947) is a Brazilian plastic artist whose work is recognized in Brazil and abroad. As a painter, he achieved notable recognition in his participation in the 12th. Bienal Nacional de São Paulo in 1974 where he was awarded as the best national painter. The following year, in 1975, Siron Franco won the international prize at the 13th. International Biennial of São Paulo. In 1980, Siron won the award for best painter of the year for his exhibition at Galeria Bonino in Rio de Janeiro. His works are present in the most important museums in Brazil, such as: MASP (São Paulo), MAC (São Paulo), MNBA (Rio de Janeiro) and MON (Curitiba) and in the world as in the Metropolitan Museum of Arts (The Met) in New York in the United States and the Museum of Contemporary Art of Monterrey in Mexico. Siron is a painter, draftsman and sculptor. He spent his childhood and adolescence in Goiânia, having his first painting orientation with D.J. Oliveira and Cleber Gouveia. He began to earn a living by making and selling portraits. From 1965 onwards, he decided to concentrate on drawing, following the grotesque and unreal sketches he had in mind. Between 1969 and 1971 he lived in São Paulo, frequenting the studios of Bernardo Cid and Walter Levi, in São Paulo and integrating the group that put on the exhibition Surrealismo e Arte Fantástica, at Galeria Seta. [1] The artist, according to Margarida Patriota: "a poor boy from the interior of Goiás, espousing a shocking creed of expression",[2] is very connected to social issues: when he had an accident with cesium 137, a radioactive element that would cause great damage to health To poor people in Goiânia, the artist painted a series entitled “Césio”, acting against the negligence of the authorities in the face of the helplessness of the citizens. Indigenous peoples were also the subject of a memorial made by Siron Franco, in respect and homage to the continuous massacre of these populations. The devastation of nature would also be one of his motives, denouncing the hunting and killing of animals.

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Fine Art - Siron Franco

Title: Collection II

Technique Engraving/Limited Edition signed by the artist.

Dimensions: 80 x 60 cm

Year 1990


Fine Art: Siron Franco

Title: Collection I

Technique Engraving/Limited Edition signed by the artist.

Dimensions: 60 x 40 cm

Year 1991


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