The exhibition Traces and Reflections (05.20.2020) that  was with date marked for the march 20th, though mounted to receive guests, it had the canceled Opening, because of pandemic of corona virus, which it has been affecting in the dramatic form to the community in an all, and, which has not a date predicted for realization.


Traces and Reflections it was inspired  by artists who survive in his daily life the theme of drawings you conquer, creativity, the human being and the urbane life, sceneries who compose part of the line of the time what the artist permeates amid his work, with works based on different reflections and great art. The event predicted for reinauguration of the Showroom Pacaembu 1849`s Mattresses Ortobom, directed by Diogo Roque, was produced and promoted by orld Art Show,, and with the special curatorship - Chico Cortez..

The Exhibition celebrate one more year of success of the artists who compose the  project  of insertion of names in the cultural market for the World Art Show, directed by the journalist Sula Costa.

Artists: Cristina Pires Furtado, Dilson Cavalcanti, Maria Cristina Zilli, Mariah Campolina, 
Paulo Latarullo, Pedrita Mikail, Regiane Martinez, Teresa Kodama, Valques Pimenta

Exhibition: Traces and Reflection 
Realization: Diogo Roque 
Production: World Art Show – Sula Costa
Curatorship: Chico Cortez

World Art Show is promoting Brazilian artists through interactive videos on the social networks of the program that proposes the cultural diffusion of the artists that are accredited in the exhibition of the Mostra Ressignifique at Espaço Ortobom Arquitetura e Design.

The Exhibition “Brazil through art" (09.23.2020) - Dinas Miguel is the highlight of the reopening of Ortobom  Space Architecture & Design in São Paulo. .

Dinas Miguel, has a degree in Visual Arts and a pos graduate degree in Environmental Education. He is the creator and organizer of the social project “Culture and Concept”. Winner of the Hip-Hop Sabotage Prize category for the best graffiti artist of 2018. He conducts a collective graffiti and live painting work shop at events, in addition to his great experience as an Art-Educator carrying out projects in educational and business institutions. His works can be appreciated in different cities and countries around the world, with his artistic poetry rooted in Brazilian culture, he has been molding and interacting in the artistic and personal construction of society because his art represents the entire history of his people and his ancestry, has as mission “Connect and transform people and places through their Arts and Projects. The artist surprises with the authenticity of the language he explains in his projects. The artist exhibits the Sateré Mawe project - represented by Indigena Hamã. In addition to all the artistic and audiovisual production that involves the proposal, the artist portrayed the Brazilian Nicole Nguema, the Brazilian daughter of Teodoro Nguema - Vice- president of Equatorial Guinea, known as Teodorín, he is the son of Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, president of Equatorial Guinea, with his first wife, Constancia Mangue Nsue Okomo. He served for years as Minister of Agriculture and Forestry in his father's government before being named Second Vice President, responsible for defense and security, in May 2012. He was promoted to First Vice President in June 2016. He is considered as a possible successor to his father as president of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea